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Apple and IBM Deal May Benefit User Productivity

Apple and IBM Deal May Benefit User Productivity

When it comes to technology, Apple and IBM are some of the biggest names.

Apple products, from the iPhone to the Macbook, have been praised for their user-friendly designs and durable performances.

IBM’s reputation for innovative technology and the latest research makes it a powerful company in the tech field.

So what will happen when two powerhouses combine?

Apple and IBM Team Up for Tablets

The partnership will be beneficial to both parties. Apple and IBM are looking to focus on improving tablets to make them more suitable for businesses.

When Apple first produced the iPad, it helped many consumers boost their productivity. Instead of lugging around a laptop to and from work, the light-weight iPad could hold important documents and spreadsheets for easy perusal. With Wi-fi connectivity, you can access work emails and other Internet sites with little issue. The battery life is also much longer with a tablet than a laptop.

However, while the iPad made it much more convenient to carry information, it doesn’t have the working capabilities of a computer. A laptop is more flexible with file formats and the iPad is often limited due to its lack of a strong hard-drive.

The partnership with IBM and Apple is the start of the Post-PC era. Apple will be sending IBM iPads to use for research and development. These iPads will have apps related to various businesses, such as the health or insurance industry.

I’m sure you’ve already seen businesses using iPads for various tasks. They’re convenient for keeping inventory, charging credit cards — with additional attachments, that is — and looking up information on the fly for a questioning customer. They’re lightweight and portable, but they can’t replace computers for the hardcore technological work.

Apple’s Innovation Meets IBM’s Business Sense

This partnership could be the start for a more productive working environment for tablet users. IBM’s technology is a standard for most businesses. The technological advances that IBM will develop for the iPads can make running a business or doing work from home even easier from a tablet. While tablet sales have slowed down, this could be just the boost the tablet industry needs.

With applications made specifically for certain business industries, the demand for lightweight, portable tablets will increase as well. Compare being able to do all the work you need from a one pound tablet as opposed to a five pound laptop. With a lightweight option, your productivity is sure to increase.

It might be difficult to justify buying a tablet at the moment with their technological restrictions. Many Windows tablets do have better programs than the iPad, however they still face many of the same restrictions.

With this new partnership, we should see an increase in capabilities for tablets in general. iPads have set the tone for tablet sales, so if they’re creating new applications and technologies, other tablet companies will follow.

While there hasn’t been any date with these new tablets and apps being release, it’s going to be at least a year until these tablets are available for the public. However, once these new-and-improved tablets are released, it might be worthwhile to look into them, especially if you’re looking to increase your work productivity.

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