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Since the first “smartphone” came out in 1992 by IBM, which looked more like a palm pilot than a phone, 95% of Americans have adopted the smartphone into their daily life. While the vast majority of people own a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or even smartwatch; the tragedy is that many are not using them to their full capability.

Regardless of how much we love technology, using our devices more and more is not the end goal. Devices are used to their full capacity when acting as an aid to productivity and efficiency; seeking to optimize our lives through the devices we possess.

The process of optimization begins with choosing and utilizing apps and gadgets that enable our productivity. Of course, these apps and gadgets vary between different individuals with different goals. But by understanding tips and trends for utilizing technology, individuals are able to implement small changes to their habits that will return the time taken exponentially.

For example, individuals living in metropolitan areas or travel often for business may be seeking alternatives to Uber for increased efficiency and surge-free prices. For frequent ridesharers having alternatives to the ridesharing giant will allow for streamlined services and increased efficiency, all because of a different app download.

Nestled on the polar opposite end of business travel is Tinder. Yup, we said it, Tinder. People have turned to online dating and dating apps to find anything from friendship to casual dates to a life-long partner. Using an app to find companionship is another reason to thank technology and learning how to maximize Tinder’s features can enhance our lives more than we ever imagined from a 15 second download.

From ride sharing to online dating, and mobile pay to streaming services, the app stores are filled with opportunities to optimize your daily life. We’re here to decipher what works, what doesn’t and what you absolutely need to implement.

Let’s talk gadgets

Gadgets are another way to improve our daily processes to increase happiness and productivity. Runners may be disappointed when the sidewalks started to ice over in the Winter months, but a simple sneaker swap for additional traction may be all they need to take a run through the arctic.

Property owners may be looking for all-weather security cameras that allow for remote monitoring of the exterior of their property for peace of mind. Gadgets of all kinds can be the seemingly insignificant swap for a product that is no longer serving us. The gadgets themselves do not create happiness, but they allow the user to spend time on what is truly creating joy in their lives.

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