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6 Great Ways To Save Time Blogging in WordPress

6 Great Ways To Save Time Blogging in WordPress

WordPress is a powerful CMS and blogging platform, and it is quite popular – in fact, in addition to powering this blog, it also powers 19 percent of the entire internet. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in starting a blog or building their own website.

However, there are certain features – or lack of features – in the base install of WordPress that are pretty tedious. For example, if you want to include many images in a blog post, the best way to do that is one by one. However, you will first need to make the files smaller, and after you individually upload them all, it’s a best practice to write alt descriptions and titles for them. Then you want to make sure they are arranged correctly in your content… and before you know it, you’ve sucked up an hour just trying to make the images in your post just right.

Nonsense – that’s what plugins are for! There are lots of add-ins to WordPress that can streamline the blogging process, giving you more time for the most important part of blogging: writing an awesome post. Keep reading for some great plugin recommendations to make your blogging more productive.

WP Smush.it

This free WordPress plugin is a must-have for every blog. WP Smush.it runs all your images – existing ones and every new one you upload thereafter – through a compression process that doesn’t affect the appearance of your images but makes your site load much faster. It works by deleting unnecessary data saved in the image files.

Faster Image Insert

Faster Image Insert has one simple feature, which it does very well: making the process of bulk image adding to your posts a breeze. It edits all your titles and alt descriptions at once, then insert the image exactly where you need it in the post. You will be shocked how much time this simple plugin will save you!

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Organize Series

Do you write blog posts that fit into a multipart series? If so, you’re probably familiar with the struggle it is to update each part of the series each time you add a new post so your navigation stays up to date. Do all of that automatically with the Organize Series plugin. It works by adding a brand new taxonomy to your blog, allowing you to choose from categories, tags and now series to organize your posts.

Blogging Checklist

Do you have multiple authors on your blog? Ensure they always complete all the steps you need them to every time they submit a new post with this old but still functional WordPress plugin. Blogging Checklist allows you to create a list of checkboxes on the side of every post. Before your contributors submit, ask them to run down through the list. You’ll never have a submission with a missing meta description again!

WP Inject

Imagine this: You search for a Creative Commons image to illustrate your post, choose the proper size and add it to your post… and all of this without ever leaving your WordPress post editor. WP Inject searches Flickr using the advanced search settings you provide and allows you to select and insert images right in the editor. It’s that simple.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

Are you sick of leaving your site to go log into Google Analytics and check your stats? Or maybe you don’t even use Google Analytics because you’re too lazy and the Jetpack Stats are good enough for you? Indulge in your laziness by bringing the analytics to you.

These six plugins all work together to turbocharge your WordPress setup. So what are you waiting for? Go install them, already!

Do you have any WordPress productivity favorites? Share your secrets in the comments below.

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