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Importance of Educational Technology for Childhood Social Development

Importance of Educational Technology for Childhood Social Development

Social development is a critical part of any child’s education. It’s becoming increasingly important for schools to integrate methods of developing social and emotional skills. With educational technology, this integration is becoming easier.

Social-emotional learning (SEL) is the development of a child’s or adult’s knowledge and skills to understand and manage their emotions and behavior.

SEL primarily affects communication and language as well as cognitive, social and emotional regions of the brain. It consists of self and social awareness, relationship skills, self-management and decision-making.

Developing SEL can help with children’s self-confidence and empathy. It also involves forming and sustaining positive relationships, managing emotions and exploring and engaging with the environment.

Because of how influential SEL is, having the best education for developing these skills in school is a must. With innovations that can help, the importance of educational technology has never been more clear.

3 Tech Innovations That Help Develop SEL

Some technology is making its way into the classroom, while other innovations are already here.

Virtual reality (VR) is a versatile platform that is growing in popularity. Not only can it provide educational experiences in school, but it also offers a more accessible approach to learning. Students can use VR to enroll in classes or programs.

It’s a similiar concept to online education, where students can enroll completely online without attending a physical school. With VR, students can learn from situations and obstacles that take the pressure off real-life scenarios but uphold the lesson.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is another innovation that can change students’ experiences for the better. AI learns as it goes. It can provide feedback for each student based on performance and engagement.

When a student uses a program with AI or a teacher inputs student records into a system, AI can assess each student. Teachers can then provide one-on-one interactions and apply any course corrections as necessary. This makes for an efficient way to help students thrive and learn.

Collaborative platforms are a simple and cost-effective way to help boost student engagement with each other. Something like a Google G-suite can increase collaboration and build SEL skills.

As students work with each other, they develop those skills and learn how to respectfully interact with their peers and their environment.

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Why Tech Education Matters For Social Development

Social development in education focuses on improving the well-being of every individual. It’s the “people skills” that help build relationships and understand emotions. And it’s the foundation for which everyone interprets others’ behaviors and emotions and then responds to their environment.

Education technology, among its other positive impacts, is a gateway to modernizing that development. With collaborative programs, AI and VR, children can discover new ways to interact with their friends, classmates and world. This correlation suggests that SEL directly benefits from tech education.

SEL influences development in the present as well as down the line. It prepares children for future relationships and emotional management. It is something everyone needs for a career, too.

In the classroom, it helps with interactions and social and emotional learning. And it helps improve other areas of academic performance as well. Public schools have seen the benefits of education technology for its teachers and students alike.

SEL has intense, wide-spread effects on stages of development. And because of its abundance of benefits, investing in tech that aids in development of SEL is not only wise, but crucial.

These tech innovations also provide more accessibility regarding forms of learning. If a student is struggling in class, perhaps a more personal, hands-on experience with a VR, AI or collaborative project can help.

Part of social development involves removing barriers. Tech is one of the best ways to do just that. By providing more tech options for learning, the education system is not only helping students academically but with social-emotional learning as well.

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