Logitech to Offer Virtual Reality Drawing Experience

Logitech to Offer Virtual Reality Drawing Experience

Virtual reality or VR is a technology that big tech companies have been working on for a while. They’re getting better at getting people into a virtual world, though. From putting a person right into a video game to taking a virtual tour of an area all from a headset, we’re getting better at diving into the digital world, literally.

We already have some technologies that can interact in this digital landscape but now we have the age-old instrument of creators all around the world to add to the list: the pen. With a pen, creators can make and share entire worlds either with words or images or both. Introducing a pen into a virtual environment allows users to create anything from scratch and build upon it to use and share however they like.

The Pen Creatives Have Been Waiting For

Image via Logitech

The Logitech VR Ink Pilot Edition looks a lot like an oversized stylus. The Ink Pilot is designed to look and feel like holding a pen as that’s what people are already most used to. So the user presses down on the buttons on the sides of the pen using their thumb and middle finger while their index finger presses the button on top, then they’re ready to draw.

You can draw right in the air, on a flat surface or anywhere else you like. You can even change the lines and strokes, plus more options are likely to come as this accessory grows in popularity.

However, Logitech is apparently having trouble finding their target audience since they’ve asked for industry partners and app developers to help find a market. Right now, the device is being directed mostly to professional designers who work in the engineering realm, like with planes or automobiles.

While clear that the accessory is interesting and could be interesting to many, the professionals that might find a use for such a device aren’t readily known just yet.

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Can VR Help Professionals?

Most of the struggle with finding professionals who can benefit from the Ink Pilot is trying to figure out if VR actually helps the workflow. The problem is, we aren’t sure if VR helps with productivity mostly because the technology is still so new and being introduced into these environments. We know that VR is great for entertainment purposes but whether or not it can help professionals get work done more efficiently is yet to be seen.

This isn’t to say that VR has no purpose in the workplace. VR technology is invaluable for training new employees or showing off product demonstrations to investors. Not only is VR finding its space in the workforce but the technology is actually helping move things along.

For the average professional, though, companies aren’t sure if this newer tool will help with efficiency or not. The only way to find out for sure is to test it out in the right environment.

The Ink Pilot Is Still Incredible

The Logitech VR Ink Pilot Edition is far from a useless tool. At its base level, this is a starting point to create even better technology for building, design, and art. Still, it can be hard to get much better than a simple pen. Combining the simplicity of a pen with the modern VR world can lead us to create things we’ve never remotely considered before or things we likely gave up on due to the limits of possibility.

Logitech’s new take on the pen opens a lot of doors for creatives everywhere to make a new spin on what we already have. This could be the ripple that starts a tidal wave of change in design and technology. Certainly, the Ink Pilot isn’t just going to go out as a fad but will have enough staying power to make a change, whether this is in the professional workforce or somewhere else.

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