Schedule Text Messages For Later With These 4 Apps

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Text messaging has become such a standard practice in today’s society, most people probably don’t go a day, or even an hour, without sending one. You can probably think back to times when it would have been very useful to schedule text messages and send them later. Luckily, the ability to text later is possible with the apps below.


This is an app that lets you schedule text messages, along with emails and social media posts. It also saves time by functioning as a straightforward instant messaging app. Even if you don’t want to text later, Delayd prevents you from having to switch between several apps to do similar things.

Available for free on both the Android and iOS platforms, Delayd has a simple user interface where you just compose texts and then choose a time to send them. It’s especially handy if you want to send a text later to someone to remind him or her to do a time-sensitive task, such as “Don’t forget to pick up the dog from the groomer at 3 p.m.!”


As the name suggests, this free Android app facilitates delaying messages through WhatsApp, the popular messaging app. There are also in-app purchases available if you want to send images within your texts or unlock functionality to send scheduled text messages to groups of people.

One of the most convenient things about this app is it allows you to set up text messages so they repeatedly send at scheduled intervals, such as daily or weekly. Then, you can use the app to remind yourself to take medication, never forget every Friday is a dress-down day at work and so on.Asian Tourist Travel Earphone Train Gadget Concept


Here’s another app for the Android platform. If you often struggle with battery-life concerns while using your smartphone, this is the app for you. It allows for scheduling text messages based on Android’s built-in alarm functionality, rather than having to keep your phone connected to Wi-Fi to make the messages delivered at the proper time.

There’s also an auto-complete contacts selector feature. Instead of taking time to type people’s numbers in manually from start to finish, you can type the first few numerals in and let the rest of the number populate automatically, as long as you have your message recipient saved in your phone’s contacts.

You can send messages in multiple parts, too. That’s necessary if you’re sending texts that are greater than 160 characters, but other apps only send the first segment of the message, rather than the whole thing.


The interesting thing about this app that differs from some others is that it doesn’t allow for automatic sending of scheduled text messages. However, Scheduled is still worthy of inclusion in discussions about how to schedule text messages because it takes a two-pronged approach you’ve probably already used with other apps that offer time-specific material.

Scheduled is an iOS app that works after you compose a text message, designate a recipient and set the time you want it delivered. At the specified time, you’ll receive a push notification that prompts you to return to the app and send it.


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This free iOS app also has a dedicated website, and you can send scheduled texts through either the app or your web browser. Use Text Timer to get in touch with any person on your contact list. Plus, keep an eye on the integrated countdown timer to see how long before the app distributes your messages. You can edit texts at any point before the timer runs out, and that functionality could be helpful if you left out crucial details but only realize that after initially composing the message.

According to user reviews, you can get the base functionality of the app without paying anything. However, some features — such as automatically sending timed text messages — require a paid subscription. The description of the app on iTunes does not mention those associated costs, and user reviews discuss how the prices are not easy to find in the app, either. Be sure to keep that in mind before starting to use Text Timer, especially if the automatic sending capability is essential for you.


Perhaps you’re trying to get into a habit of scheduling your texts every day. Maybe you waste too much valuable time composing texts because doing so distracts you from other things you need to get done, or you might become nervous and slow down too much while trying to convey your points effectively and know you’d benefit from typing the texts out in advance and having time to review them.

In either case, Advanced SMS Scheduler is a complimentary app for the Android platform. Its visually appealing interface relies on the power of contrast to make the screen content easy to see as you navigate through the app. You can also set your preferred date and time format and try various templates for a customized experience.

The app shows you scheduled texts in a list, allowing you to quickly verify whether you typed the content of a message or only thought you did. There is also functionality that enables sending scheduled text messages repeatedly. You might use it to distribute daily reminders to your mom to take her medicine, or tell a pet sitter that your dog prefers taking her afternoon walk around 2 p.m.

A feature that permits archiving is a time-saver, too. Instead of letting sent messages pile up in the outbox and gradually become harder to organize, you can archive them. Then, you can refer back to them for peace of mind, but keep the app’s interface tidy.


Similar in name to the app above, this one differs because it’s for iOS. Also, instead of sending text messages through the app, it uses push notifications that remind you to send the correspondences out.

This app is a good choice if you don’t want to forget to send a text message, but you’re not yet sure what its contents will be. For example, maybe you’re working on a presentation with a colleague, and you promised him you’d send an update at 4 p.m. that indicates how many PowerPoint slides you’ve made by that time. It also works well if you’ve told a friend you’ll let her know by the early afternoon if you’re available to meet for coffee later.

Consider using it when contacting people in other time zones, too. Many individuals sleep with their phones near their beds, so you don’t want to risk texting them when they might be trying to rest.

We’ve all been in situations where we’ve thought about needing to text someone later, but forgotten to do it. This app prevents that common issue.

Most people are already so accustomed to receiving push notifications about everything from breaking news alerts to daily deals. If you can relate, Scheduled will probably fit seamlessly into your daily routine, because it takes you through an already-familiar process. Another beautiful thing about this free app is the way it works with multiple platforms, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and even Twitter.

As you can see from the apps above, it’s easy to schedule text messages to go out on your command. You don’t have to devote brainpower to trying to remember to send birthday wishes or text a colleague about an upcoming meeting because your tech does it for you!


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